Anonymous asked:

Are you taken? You're cute :)

Taken : ‘A retired CIA agent travels across Europe and relies on his old skills to save his estranged daughter, who has been kidnapped while on a trip to Paris.’ starring Liam Neeson

In that case, no. I am not taken. 

In any other case, no. I am single as fuck.

and stop it ;) you’re cute !

Anonymous asked:

your videos seems so stable, do you use a tripod or something? or is it all hand-held because if it is, damn i envy your skills!

No tripod, all handheld. My Canon S110 does a great job at vibration compensation and the rest is a little adjusted stabilization in post production. 

Most of the time it’s also just trying to take deep breaths and move at a steady pace. Try to focus on a line in the background, both hands on your camera, arms close to your body and turn your whole upper body when panning :) Works wonders !

Hope that helps, x Marie


London Loop

I spotted this fun motion graphic over on Herbert Frost’s blog, who translated the German calligraphy notes that I posted yesterday (thanks again Herbert!)

The above animation, by Al Boardman, is part of a longer 100 second film called ‘8 Great things to do in London’. The British designer’s blog is full of cool little animations, some for fun, some part of wider projects.

What is equally impressive is his achievements as a rock climber and mountaineer:

Al has summitted several previously unclimbed mountains. One of which is in Central Asia and, in an interview with the BBC, revealed that he was naming the peak after his grandmother. The rest of Al’s family are still waiting for him to make more first ascents and to name the peaks after them, which is awkward.

(Source: alboardman)